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How To Check The Oil Level In A Car


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If you’re a Bennington driver then you know that the oil and the other fluids that run through your engine are critical to keeping your vehicle running smoothly. Checking the oil level in your car is an easy way to make sure your vehicle has enough to run properly mile after mile. 

How To Check Car Oil In A Few Easy Steps

If you have a newer vehicle model then you may have an electric oil monitor on your instrument cluster or on your digital multi-information display. Vehicles with these features don’t use traditional dipsticks, so you will need to check your owner’s manual for additional information on how to check the oil level from your display. 

If your vehicle requires you to check your oil manually, follow the instructions below to learn how to check car oil:

  • Park your vehicle on level ground and make sure your engine is turned off. Allow the engine time to cool if it’s been running.
  • Open your vehicle’s hood and locate the dipstick. Use your owner’s manual to identify the proper stick.
    Remove the dipstick completely from its housing and use a rag to wipe away any oil. 
  • Re-insert the dipstick all the way back into its housing, then pull it out again. Check both sides to see where the oil level is.
  • All dipsticks have some way of indicating the proper oil level. Usually dipsticks use small holes or a crosshatch section to indicate that there’s enough oil in the engine. If your oil falls below these areas, you’ll need to add more to keep your car running properly.
  • If you need to add oil to your vehicle, make sure to buy the grade recommended in your owner’s manual. Then remove the oil filter cap and use a funnel to add a little oil at a time until the dipstick indicates that you have the right amount.
  • When you’re finished checking your oil, return the dipstick to its proper housing and close your vehicle’s hood, ensuring that it latched properly. 

Why You Should Check Your Car’s Oil Regularly

Checking your oil on a regular basis does more than just ensure you have enough oil in your engine, it also allows you to monitor your oil’s condition so you know whether it’s time for an oil change. For this reason, it’s recommended that you check your vehicle’s oil level once a month. As you check your car’s oil look for changes in color or debris in the oil itself. If you pull out the dipstick and the oil is black, has debris in it, or both, then it’s time to schedule an oil change.